George has been given a gift and a passion for raising animals.  We are planning on raising 3 different kinds of chickens, goats and pigs.  There is also plenty of land to grow a vegetable garden.  Excess vegetables will be sold in the market which happens every Thursday afternoon in Kpime-Seva.  We have two tracts of land in the region which are used as to grow cassava, yams and maize.  We purchased one plot with donations and the other was given to us by a local Baptist church.  We have purchased another plot of land in the Central Region of Togo, about 3 hours away, and this is where we will start a tree farm in the near future. 

George and Florence are local couple from the area who run the home.  They have also hired a mother from the nearby village of Kpime-Seva to help cook and clean at the home.  She also teaches French to the small children who are not yet in school.  This has been one step that has taken some of the pressure off Florence and the older girls and will be another step towards integrating the orphanage into the community. 


Grace Orphanage is located in Togo, West Africa.  It is just outside of the village of Kpime-Seva near the larger town of Kpalimé.  It is only about 15km from the Ghana/Togo border, though because of the steep, mountainous terrain, it takes quite a while to get there - even by motorcycle.   

Togo (officially the Togolese Republic) is a narrow country in West Africa bordering Ghana to the west, Benin to the east and Burkina Faso to the north.

According to UNICEF, in 2005, there were an estimated 280,000 orphans under 18 years of age - 88,000 of them orphaned by AIDS.  Ninety-six thousand orphans in Togo currently attend school.